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This was during 121231 MBC Gayo Daejun new year count down, while other groups were facing the camera, After School was at the back hugging each other.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s ot8, ot9, or ot11, first generation, second, or fifth, I’m proud to be your fan.


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▶ Rants.

Although AFTERSCHOOL rarely disappoint me, but i must say that there are times that i do feel disappointed in them. Not them as AFTERSCHOOL but to some of their stage performances, stage outfits and the likes. Usually, those disappointments rooted cuz i expected a lot. It’s when i feel like they wear a crappy clothes or when they perform less than what i had expected. 

But the real problem here lies within me and not them. 

I know i’m a fan and they are the idol, it can also be seen as me being the customer and them the customer services representative. and since i am the customer here, i must receive the best of the best services that they can give, but of course, not all the time, i’ll feel satisfied. 

Same goes to their stage performances and such.  It’s not all the time that the great AFTERSCHOOL, who is well known in being the best performing group, can give me satisfaction. 

Same goes to other fans. I believe that we must not always think of our own satisfaction. We should also give credits to their efforts in giving us joy. It may not always come out as what we had expected but still we must give thanks, no matter what the outcome is. 

It’s not good if we always just think of ourselves. It’s not good if we just always think of our own satisfaction. 

Or maybe, i just learned how to appreciate littlest things.

I mean, what can we change if we complain? It’s already done. We can’t do anything about it anymore.

We, ranting about our bias group not having a satisfying stage performance won’t hurt us, but it’ll hurt them.

Imagine your bias giving out their best in their performance(s), only to receive complaints from people who should be encouraging them. What do you think they’ll feel?

It’s okay to give complaints. It’s healthy even. But must we always do so whenever we feel like to? think about it.

The amount of time that you can see us on stage is a maximum of 3 minutes…and in this short time, the fans who gave us the most passionate support, whose presence alone made my heart overflow with emotions." — Kahi Park

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…she’s home.

…she’s home.

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When the great Park Kahi gets nervous ㅋㅋ (Taken with GifBoom)

When the great Park Kahi gets nervous ㅋㅋ (Taken with GifBoom)

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Hello, I would like to ask permission to repost your post ( post/38051718698 ) on our facebook page "After school manga parody" with full credits, is that possible? :)

Sure, no problem. ^^

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